A Macro Photography Exhibition
Every little drop is important
Water. Our most precious resource. Wasted by some, wanted by most.  For us, it’s just water. For others, it is a thing that gives color and life. If you were given a chance to change the state of water distribution and consumption, would you care?

Back in 2016, I watched a documentary about the water situation here in the Philippines. This documentary stated that our access to clean water, sanitation systems, and water sources for agriculture and industry would become largely contaminated around year 2020 - if conservation efforts were not initiated. This will make many provincial villages and barangays, who gets water from deep wells, have a harder time finding potable water resources.

This project is meant to be an exhibit entitled “WHOA-TER: A Macro Photography Exhibition” featuring the play of lights and colors using water in the promotion of our responsibility in taking care and protecting every little drop of water. Macro Photography is applied to convey the message “every drop is important” in an interesting way as macro photography enhances the details and intensity of small objects shown in every photograph.

Water is one of the things that kept us alive. Even our body is composed mostly of water but people tend to disregard the importance of clean and potable water. With these set of images, I aim to show people the importance of every drop in an unconventional, fun, and colorful way.
This is a personal project I did for my thesis regarding water and macro photography.
No water droplets were harmed in any way. :)

More to be uploaded soon...
Thank you for viewing!
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